Une invitation pour découvrir Marrakech

Une invitation pour découvrir Marrakech

Jamaa El Fna : Place of miracles

Jamaa El Fna is a must in Marrakech with every stay. This huge site includes many shops and full of surprises.
It includes :

Acrobats :

You can admire many "artists" including acrobats and jugglers. A crowd gathers around a group marrakchis and tourists near and discover a small troupe of acrobats composed of young and old men. And yes mostly men, this activity is reserved for them. For some, an acrobat is a family affair. The father is the carrier and his son climb it in turns to form a pyramid. Children are lighter and more adept at getting to the top of the human pyramid.

Musicians :

The Gnawa musicians (traditional Berber music) take their place to attract tourists and visitors with their magical and surprising songs.

Snakes and monkeys :

Here the snake charmer; beside him draw high notes of his flute musician, once raised the lid of the basket, he played with the snake, it will apply to small blows to the head, with quick movements, seizing it at specific points. Snake charmers are part of the myth, ancient heritage of a sacred tradition came, perhaps, far from distant India.

But also an infinite number of small shops like carriages in orange juice, which serve a delicious juice for 4Dh.

At night, instead changing face and puts his attire. Dozens of street restaurants surging from 17 hours to enjoy the wealth of all the local specialties. All around the square there are the police, a shady park, parking carriages for sightseeing, and alleys of the souks that plunge into the depths of the medina.

Finally, following the visit of the Jemaa el Fna, do not hesitate to book a luxury Riad Marrakech or a boutique hotel Marrakech.

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