Une invitation pour découvrir Marrakech

Une invitation pour découvrir Marrakech

What to choose : Palmeraie or Medina?

Is it better to be in the Palmeraie or Medina?

Delicate issue, and very subjective answer! La Palmeraie and Medina have very different qualities:

  • The first is "luxury, calm and voluptuousness", except of course when your children are a combination of jumps in the pool ... If you choose the Palmeraie, do not forget to rent a luxury hotel Marrakech to feel much more comfortable.


  • The second, full of charm, is more typical in the heart of the Marrakchie life with the chant of the muezzin, the artisans at work, small bustling markets ... Less based course, but that's where we made ​​the full of memories! In this case, you can rent a luxury riad Marrakech to be near the famous Jemaa El Fna, souks and artisans and also to spend a most enjoyable stay possible.


Finally, note that the ideal would be to take advantage of both: the medina to the atmosphere, and the palm rest for a bit from the hectic life of the center!

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